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Christmas Turkeys

The Old Dairy Farm is set in the heart of the Northamptonshire countryside; this traditional family run farm is where Ian Brodie has been rearing his farm fresh turkeys for the past 30 years.


Just 1,000 turkeys are reared each year, a mixture of whites and the more traditional bronze birds. They are fed on home produced grain, rich in wheat and oats, which gives the birds that unique flavours our customers have come to love over the years.


All birds are hand plucked by dedicated staff and then hung in a chilled environment for up to two weeks, giving the meat it's wonderful texture and full, succulent, traditional flavour. Your bird is then ready to be picked up, packed in a carry-home box complete with a sprig of rosemary and a separate bag containing the giblets.


In addition to a whole bird, we also supply crowns (the breast on the bone without the legs), or why not try our popular boned and rolled turkey joints? We bone out the whole turkey, make our own recipe stuffing from the leg meat, roll it into the breast meat and tie it off ready for the oven. Carving these joints is a lot easier because there are no bones or wastage and each person gets a beautiful portion of breast, leg and stuffing in each slice - lovely!

We supply turkeys from 5.5kg (12lbs)*, oven-ready. The limited supply is subject to availability and confirmation of your order. On collection there are homemade sausages and stuffing for sale, however to avoid disappointment it is advisale to pre-order these items with your bird.


We can provide both bronze and white turkeys hand-reared here, in Upper Stowe, in our very own barns.




Bronze all at £3.95/lb or £8.71/kg


White £3.95/lb or £8.71/kg 12-16lbs

            £3.65/lb or £8.05/kg 16+lbs



Why not allow yourself time to visit the Old Dairy Farm Craft Centre when you pick up your bird? There are a variety of different shops to look at where you are sure to find a last minute Christmas present. Alternatively, you may just want to sit down in the farm restaurant and enjoy a mince pie and a glass of mulled wine to help get you in that Christmas spirit.


Please email or telephone your orders for Christmas turkeys to Ian Brodie, using the details on our contact page.


*We try our best to ensure your turkey is the exact weight you have specified, but this is not always possible.